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With the growing popularity of electric scooters taking over our city streets, here are some reasons to quit using that rental app, and just get your own electric bike/scooter:

1. Savings
Needless to say, they are inexpensive, and run on batteries. That mean savings for you!

2. Time
Traffic sucks. With your new Airow Electric Vehicle, you’ll be able to take all the shortcuts AND not worry about parking!

3. License requirements
You don’t need a special licenses like you do for a motorcycle to ride our bikes and scooters. Your average driver’s licenses will do just fine!

4. Portability
Most of our electric scooters are portable. Lock it up to park it, or just take it with you inside!

5. Eco-friendly
No emissions to worry about, and they consume very little electricity while providing NOISE-FREE rides!

6. Easy-to-maintain
From time to time, check the handlebars, the deck, the function of the battery and the wheels. That’s it!

7. Exercise
Support your physical and mental health by ditching your typical transportation vehicle, and getting some fresh air while adding to your step count.

8. Joy
With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner, enjoy the sunshine by getting some nice vitamin D while taking your Airow Electric Vehicle out for a ride.

9. Privacy
You never know who you’ll be stuck with or what germs will follow you home from your bus ride. Avoid all that by taking an Airow Electric Vehicle!

10. New social circles
Electric scooters are a new lifestyle people embrace. Make new friends next time you roll up next to another scooter!

Check out our fleet by clicking here. Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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