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About Airow Electric Bikes

Presenting the Future of E-Mobility

We’re a next-generation electric bike company committed to bringing you the future of electric bicycles now at the price you’ve been waiting for. Airow Electric delivers prestigious electric bicycles with style, power, and quality. We’re devoted to excellent customer service, so you can easily ride into the future with Airow Electric Bicycles and Scooters!

Airow Electric was founded by Kevin A. Chavez in San Diego, California, and conceived in Xiamen China. After 4 years living in China pursuing his dream of working in international business, Kevin was inspired by his lifelong passion for bicycles and the international lifestyle of electric bicycles for transportation and recreation. Kevin has a clear vision for a future where millions of people can benefit from fun & fast traveling without the need for a vehicle. Get out of the car and onto any road or trail in your path!

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