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Living in San Diego? Come and test our electric bikes and electric scooters for free! If you are still contemplating making the real switch in your way of getting to work, contact us today. Our bikes and scooters are environmentally friendly and help you save on commute expenses.

Why take a free test ride?
● Discover the real feeling of riding an e-bike or an electric scooter! No friend could describe to you in words this feeling. Live it!
● Try out the speed, the power and the design of our products. Experience the power of the motors, the weight of the e-bike or scooter, and observe how your body and riding experience accommodate to this technology.
● Play with the electric bike or scooter, testing its ​maneuverability. You want to see how ready it is for traffic jams or narrow streets.
● Observe which e-bike or scooter makes you feel safer while riding. Our experts will provide all the information you need about the products so that you can make the right buying decision!

How to take a free test ride?
The test rides are available in San Diego only. ​Contact us​ today to schedule you for a free ride! Check the ​electric bikes​ and ​electric scooters​ we sell, prepare your questions and let’s get you on the ride you want!

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